wmbu radio

we are taking applications for new DJs to host shows over the summer!

wmbu is a collaborative online radio station run by volunteers from the mary baldwin university community. it runs in a freeform format, as we value creative self-expression for everyone. we are not an institution of mary baldwin university.

originally started in 2022 as a single radio show run from the webmaster's mary baldwin dorm room, wmbu ran like that for a year. however, wmbu was founded with the intent to eventually become a collaborative effort for people to freely share their voices and the music they love with the community. in 2023, this became a reality, and we're still seeking volunteers to host shows!

our stream is hosted by zeno.fm, we broadcast using mixxx, and this webpage is powered by neocities! our operations are remote, run from the DJs' computers. we hope to gain a physical studio space some day.