asahidenpa testradio

we're taking a short break!
asahidenpa will be back in a week or two!

we go on the air
8pm edt tuesdays + saturdays

this is the webpage for my radio show, asahidenpa.

asahidenpa is what i use to learn and practice broadcasting live. it runs on an audio stream that's normally on auto-dj mode, but occasionally i'll go live on the air. i run my show on tuesdays and saturday evenings at 8pm edt, so be sure to subscribe to the rss feed if you'd like to be notified when i go live!

i play what i like and i like what i play.

my goal is to one day collaborate on a radio station. i'd love to have a collaborative environment for people to be able to share the music they love with everyone.

people who stream w/ direct links are SEXY! (especially if they use vlc :D )