wmbu radio

changes will be made to timeslots in the coming weeks as the school year comes to an end and summer begins!



11pm・[ON HIATUS] midnight album blues

with ash・playing a random album at almost midnight. no talking, just album. may or may not air every week. sometimes i get spicy and air on thursdays too.


3-4pm・[ON HIATUS]

Cayman's hyper hour

with Cayman・High bpm music and manic rambling

"I like vocaloid, breakcore, mushrooms (fungi not drug), and skyrim"


1-3pm・Thursday's Child Has Far to Go

with ophitheraven・"Thursday's Child Has Far To Go" is a KPOP-orientated radio show. The show plays Korean/English releases by both popular and lesser-known KPOP artists, so it's an opportunity for everyone to find some new songs or artists to follow!

Ophelia Raven (AKA ophitheraven) is a Thursday-born music lover from central Florida who uses they/she/he pronouns. They are currently majoring in English and minoring in creative writing and hope to receive a master's degree in creative writing in the future.




with ash・a show where i play a chaotic mix of whatever songs that pop into my little brain. mostly a bunch of alternative and indie music in english and japanese, or whatever else i feel like playing. (usually goes on break the third saturday of each month. doesn't always fill the whole time slot.)

ash is the webmaster and founder of wmbu. they started wmbu in their dorm room at mbu as a single radio show, after listening to other colleges' stations and being disgruntled that mbu did not have their own. alongside running the station ash enjoys art, anime, hanging out with friends, and taking walks.